Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's very cool to be witnessing history today.
I am thankful Will gets to grow up in this
country at this time and that he and
all of his friends will know that
anything is possible.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

he wore pink to the princess party

Essence's fiirst birthday was Saturday
and she had a princess party.
We broke out the pink shirt for the big day.
And then rocked it for some hoops at home.

freezing at the park

We froze Henry, Lucy and Will at the park today.
We were the only ones crazy enough to hit the
slides but the boys sure had fun.
We are so glad the McDougall's are home for
a while.
Can't wait until it is warm enough to go everyday.

learn how to take a picture...

You know that perfect little kid in daddy's big
shoes shot that every family needs?
Well, my opportunity came up this weekend
and this is what I ended up with.
You can tell the first one is perfect...smile and all.
But since I don't know how to work my
fancy camera, this is what I got.
and then these...

Until I finally took the easy way out,

turned on the flash,

shoved him back into the shoes he had ditched

and got this last shot.

He looks as thrilled as a teenager being

forced to take their annual family christmas picture.

Anyone know of a good class I can take?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

just take those old records off the shelf...

channeling Joel Goodson
These are some of his best dance moves
but of course our stupid video camera's
batteries were dead.
Eat your heart out, Katie Holmes!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

he finally jumped...

Big day at toddler gym...
Every Mon and Wed for an entire year
we've gone to toddler gym at the Y.
Every Mon and Wed he's screamed when I
put him on the trampoline.
Until today.
He clung to me for dear life for the first few
minutes but then braved the dangerous,
torturous, scary jumper on his own.
he thought he was pretty hot stuff on the
bars, too. ...and no, that is not a bullet hole in
the wall next to him.
At least I don't think it is?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

playdoh mania

Playdoh is all the rage at our house.
Pretty great $8 investment.

It's a gem!

Picked up the Santa pic today.
We can't decide who looks more distressed?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

parents just don't understand...

This is the sweet face we woke up to today after a
night that was tough on the whole family.
I have always been so thankful and proud of
how good a sleeper Will is (was...).
I hope I wasn't a braggert about it but did talk about how
lucky we were whenever the subject of sleep came up.
Sorry to all who had to listen to my gloating.
About a week and a half ago Will decided he no longer
liked his favorite place in the world.
We used to say "are you ready for your binky and
blankie" and he would race into his room and
smile from ear to ear as he snuggled into his bed.
He had even started saying "bye" in his sweet
little voice and waving to anyone we were leaving.
Last week that blissful state ended abruptly.
He started screaming and screaming in bed
until we would finally give in and rescue him.
We thought it would only last a few days
but boy were we wrong.
He started only wanting to sleep in our bed and
only falling asleep if one of us rocked him.
Then we stopped being able to transfer him back
to his own bed when he fell asleep without him
waking up and screaming bloody murder.
We tried every trick we could think of and finally
decided we were going to have to let him cry it out.
Last night was the night and he proved he is
as stubborn as his parents.
He lasted an hour and 13 mins when we put him
down and then 2 hours and 23 min at
3 am when he woke up.
It was all we could do to not go in there.
We had to give each other many pep talks
as he was calling "MaMa, MaMa", "Da, Da" and
saying "wan dis" (want this) and I know pointing
to his binky and blankie he had tossed onto the floor.
This morning he woke up with a hoarse voice.
How sad is that?
But...he went to bed tonight without a peep.
(I'm not bragging, just letting you know:)
We'll let you know how the rest of the night goes.

Here is a little sample of his deep, hoarse voice. Hope he doesn't lose it completely.