Saturday, December 11, 2010

second base

smoooooooth operatooor.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day 6 & 7

day 6
Monday I worked.
The dudes got candy again
and then got to watch Polar Express.
They now have something new to worship.
Even Charlie sat transfixed for most of it.

day 7
today we were supposed to go
pick out kids to give to on the giving tree.
failed again.
but we did talk about if forEVER.
We'll be going on Thursday
because tomorrow Fred and I are
(hopefully) finishing this

the mantel that we ripped out in February.

I so wanted to say we took it out in June

so we wouldn't look quite so lazy and pathetic

but blogs don't lie.


we've got work to do so Santa

has a spot to hang our stockings.

day 5

day 5
we drove up to the mountain
singing Christmas carols all the way
ventured deep into the woods
the kids happily walked for hours
found the perfect tree
will and chris excitedly cut it down
we loaded it onto the top of our car.
and peacefully drove home.

yeah right.

we actually drove 5 minutes to Home Depot
were inside maybe 5 more minutes
paid $32.97
chucked the tree
on top of the minivan
and raced home.
our family tradition is fast, cheap
and over before anyone can complain.

i do love the tree.
we decorated when we got home
i like our house so much better decorated.
Will loved the snacks
and Char loved chucking the glass balls on the floor
and shattering them.
he was saying ba (ball)
(see the word forming on his lips?)
as he did it so how could we deny him?
the dude has to learn to talk. favorite little houses
from last year

and my favorite new decorations.

and our extremely top heavy finished tree.

last but not least

our example of why preschool teachers

go to heaven.

they take time out of their life

to put together stuff like this.

thank you Mrs. S and Mrs. W???

days 3 & 4

day 3
new Christmas books were the treat today
well, last Friday on the real 3rd day.
we talked about baby Jesus
and that Christmas is actually his birthday
and that is why we celebrate.
Will demanded a cake for the occasion.
Charlie ripped out half the pop-ups in the new book.
day 4
we were supposed to go get our tree on day 4
but that didn't happen.
(i've found that making all these plans
really just sets you up for failure every morning)
so the dudes got plain old candy in their boxes.
they were thrilled.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 2

Today I worked.
The kids got candy in the advent calendar.
Cop out.
When I got home from work
I started on these little ditties
and can't wait to finish them.
Goodies for some of my favorite peeps.

Christmas geek out

I'm childishly excited for Christmas
and as usual, have a million things I want to do.
I'm pretty sure only 1/3rd of those will get done.
I stayed up crazy person late one night
to make the dudes an advent calendar
to maximize my chances of following through
with all my ridiculous ideas.
I would love to blog everyday
but seeing that I'm already almost 2 days behind
and haven't blogged in weeks
I'm pretty sure that won't happen either.
here's to giving it a try...

December day 1

This mess...

turned into this.

(yes, there are 2 number 22's

and no I didn't fix it.) this big day is our goal.

Will was pretty stoked about his loot

and they got right to work
obviously a snowman and
Happy Holidays sign, right?