Friday, November 27, 2009

judge me

For the record...
I make fun of people who do this to their kids.
And I feel sorry for their kids.

Stay tuned for their matching Christmas outfits.

when head meets bed

Charlie looking how we all felt yesterday.
Will after his head met the bed.
His screaming renditions of no more monkeys jumping
on the bed at 5:30 am bit him back yesterday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my heart is full of thanks...

for my handsome, hard-working, supportive, funny, sometimes
obnoxious husband who is ALWAYS there for us
and loves us unconditionally.
for 2 happy, healthy boys.
Their smiles light up my world.
I love watching them become a team.
today Will said to me while Charlie was screaming in the back seat...
"mama, it's ok...I talkin' to char-char"
to Charlie: "it's ok little buddy, it's ok"
for our families
who take care of us
and spoil us and our kids
and always want to hang out with us
even though our kids run them ragged.
for my job (can't believe I'm saying this)
which I have to go back to next week.
If I have to be away from my boys,
there is no place I'd rather be
or people I'd rather hang out with.
for fantastic friends
for freedom
for 12 weeks of maternity leave
for lazy weekends
for Pao's donuts on Saturday
for vacations in Maui
for blogs
for the mall on rainy days
for golf (it makes Chris happy)
for the 5 pounds I am going to gain tomorrow
and on and on.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Museum of Flight

We found a gem of a spot to waste a Sunday at the Museum of Flight.
The Williams' kiddos and Will had a blast playing with their dads...
who may have had more fun than the kids in the flight simulator.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my apologies...

Chris: "You should blog tonight."
Me: "I know. I have a bunch of pictures to load."
Chris: "You kind of have a boring life."
Me: "Are you saying that because I haven't been blogging
much or because my blog posts have been so lame."
Chris: "Kinda both."
Well, I apologize if I haven't appeared very fun lately
but today this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

were pretty fun to me.

take a picture

Me: "Will, can I take your picture in your cute new vest?"

Will: "yaaaaa..."

Me: "Why don't you show me your best pose..."

Will: "oookkkkk!" This is it...

tummy time...blahhhh

Not a fan of tummy time.
I think it has to do with the fact that his head is so big
he can't hold it up for more than a minute.
We've got some work to do.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 months old

2 months old and he is as sweet as he looks in these pics.
13 pounds 4 oz
24 1/2 in.
he smiles, goos and gaas, loves his fist in his mouth
wakes up once or twice a night to eat, kicks his feet and
waves his arms when you talk to him,
is working on giggles, adores bathtime,
loves his big bro and is very easy going and happy.
on another note...
Being a nurse and a mom did not work out well for me yesterday.
I had my first REAL mom freakout.
Charlie got one immunization at the doctor's office during
his checkup (they were out of the others).
We came home, he ate and went to bed as usual.
He woke up screaming (which he never does)
so I got him out of bed and tried to feed him.
He was not havin' it.
He screamed and screamed so I stripped him down to look
at his poke and his thigh was hot and bright red from knee
to groin and when I touched it he literally went through the roof.
Completely inconsolable.
I knew he had flesh eating bacteria...
I even outlined his redness (his whole thigh) with a sharpie
(nursing friends you know what i'm talking about).
I called the doctor (who of course didn't call back).
I called Chris (crying) and made him come home from work.
I called my mom to be on stand by to pick up Will.
I was on my way to pack bags for the hospital
(yes, the hospital) when he fell asleep.
I kept his thigh exposed so I could see it and
it was completely fine within thirty minutes.
No redness.
No fever.
No crying.
No nothing.
No flesh eating bacteria.
He woke up perfectly happy and we went out to dinner.
And then the nurse called me back.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Who doesn't enjoy their dessert in the laundry basket?

my 3 sons...

The freaking bear is still around and
I found them in bed like this this morning.
Any have a dog that wants a new toy?

charlie loves...

bathtime and daddy time.

must love olives...

Probably one of my favorite things to do as a kid.
Everyone dreamed of the olive bowl at holiday parties, right?

big boy in a bumbo

It wasn't love at first sit because...
his head was way to heavy to hold up.
That second chin is a doozy.

"daddy, dit me out...i stuck"

I went Christmas shopping for a couple of hours on Saturday.
When I got home, our bedroom was completely torn apart
and this picture was taken when Will came out from watching
"Stu-ten Little" in our room saying
"daddy, dit me out...I stuck."
He straight-jacketed himself in the vacuum cord.
Would have loved to be a fly on the wall while it was happening.

Stu-ten Little

Will's new favorite movie is "Stu-ten Little."
Don't ask me why he pronounces is that way.
If you don't already have it, go get it for the stocking.
It is very sweet,
tolerable for adults (at least the first 25 showings)
and is only $5 at Target.

Monday, November 2, 2009

animal rescue

Rob McDougall named the claw arcade games
(where you win stuffed junk)
Animal Rescue.
The McDougall cousins have rescued
many, many animals (lucky Liz & Cristina).
This little gem was Will's prize at pizza last night.
He's never played with a stuffed animal.
He's certainly never slept or snuggled with any
of the beautiful, expensive stuffed pals he's been given as gifts.
Nope, our classy little dude latched onto this 25 cent
polyester/synthetic Halloween themed teddy.
We're headed to toys r us in the morning
(is that where we'll find the best doll selection?)
to find a new fav friend.

hansel and gretel hands

He has a lot of chubby parts
but his hands are one of my favs.
They remind me of Hansel and Gretel hands.
"Let me feel your finger!" said the witch to Hansel every day to check if he was getting any fatter. Now, Gretel had brought her brother a chicken bone, and when the witch went to touch his finger, Hansel held out the bone.
"You're still much too thin!" she complained. When will you become plump?"
He would have definitely been gobbled up by the witch.
Get that kid a chicken bone.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

he will make your day...

Charlie's new favorite accessory.

he's my favorite accessory.
what a sweet little grin he has to go with his
spunky, go with the flow personality.