Wednesday, April 22, 2009

all sorts of fun in the sun

Love, love, love being back to the park, zoo, etc
and away from all indoor activities.
Hanging out at "Henny's park" as Will calls it.

Last minute trip to the Zoo with the
Bruch's and McDougall's on Sunday

Hanging out on the ab lounger at the garage
sale at the McDougall's last weekend.
Will and Henry were such great kids.
We got to their house at 8:30 and didn't leave
until 2:30 and there was only 1 time-out the
entire time. Liz and I essentially had to ignore them
and they were just about perfect little dudes.
LOVE to see them learning how to share
and work out their problems on their own.

Yesterday at the park with Henry and Lucy.
Those 2 sure love each other!
(And how great is Henry's new haircut?)

I broke-ded da tee!!

Will got his own golf tees for Easter and he
thought it was pretty awesome when he
"broke-ded da tee."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a...

Conversation with Will last week:
Mom: Will, do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?
Will: Ba-eee seester.
Conversation with Will tonight:
Dad: Will, do you want a baby brother or a baby brother?
Will: Ba-eee seester
This is just one of a million ways he will not get
exactly what he wants in the coming months.
We are thrilled that we will still be seeing blue
in the Torrone household at the end of the summer.
Welcome to the family baby boy Torrone.
We can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hippity, Hoppity Easter's (and the new baby's sex is) on its way...

Easter was pretty spectacular according to Will's
gummy bear consumption which started promptly
at 6:05 am.
He then went with Lulu and Bomp to church to
"hear da bells."
When they got home we were in the kitchen getting
breakfast ready and we kept hearing a funny banging sound...
We naturally yelled at and blamed the dog but after
another round of bangs we walked out and found Will
helping himself to every single Easter egg that my mom
set up as placecards on the table.
42 M & M's later...
Breakfast was delicious and Will got a short nap in before
going to Grandpa Fred's family party.
We visited with Will's great-grandma and
watched the Masters for a bit before heading out
for our second enormous meal of the day.
The party at the Swanson's was, as usual, fun,
crazy busy and packed with family and friends.
We hung out, went on an easter egg hunt,
played with the new babies of the bunch and left
after eating way too much delicious food.
All three of us climbed into bed at 5:30 after Will's
bath. We were all asleep by 6:15 and although
Chris and I did wake up for a bit we were out
for the night by 8.
Aren't we exciting.
On another fun note...
our ultrasound is tomorrow at 12:30.
We are going to find out whether this new little
Torrone is a boy or a girl and reveal all
(we won't know until you do)
at the Cloverleaf at 6ish if anyone wants to join us.
We will be in the back family eating area.
And we ARE taking name suggestions...
we have absolutely no ideas, boy or girl.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

one of those sweet little days

Will and I have been laying low this week.
He has what I think is croup and although I
don't know if he is contagious or not he sounds
like he's coughing up a lung and I don't want
anyone else to deal with the sleep deprived nights.
Yesterday we ran errands in the morning.
He took a nap at my mom's during my Dr.'s appt.
(All is looking and sounding good...ultrasound is next Wed.:)
Then we set out to entertain each other for the afternoon.
We headed to Pt. Defiance to feed the ducks
but were greeted by a "DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE"
sign...we would violate RCW blah, blah, blah...
Well, we cruised down to the pond and I snuck Will
bread, 2 chunks at a time, from inside the diaper bag.
We soon found out why they don't want people feeding
the wildlife...they attack. There were seagulls,
squirrels, ducks, and other weird birds
surrounding us within seconds and they practically
crawled up our legs to get at the food.
Sufficiently creeped out we ditched the wildlife frenzy
and snuck over to the playground.
As usual the slides and swings were the big hit.
As we were leaving the park he noticed the Muskox
you can see in the Zoo and pleaded to go in.
Why not?
We cruised the zoo for and hour and a half and
got a great show.
The tigers were out, the elephants were doing their
normal, sad swaying back and forth thing (we said
they were dancing?), the fish were a huge hit as usual,
the belugas were eating and doing tricks and
we shared a popcorn while taking it all in.
Will took his second nap of the day when we got home
and we ended the night at my mom's for a
great dinner and one of my favorite desserts.
Wish everyday was so carefree and fun!

Friday, April 3, 2009

what do we do now?

Tonight on my way home from work Chris called
and said "I have some sad news for you...
Will just walked into the bedroom AFTER
I put him down in his crib!!!"
I almost cried.
Will greeted him with at the bedroom door with a "watch golf?"
(his new ploy to get out of going to sleep when Chris is home)
Chris said "how did you get in here?"
Will said "I climb down..."
No kidding.