Thursday, October 28, 2010

he didn't get it from my family...

Will is lucky to have a Noni (chris' mom) who is an amazing artist.
She must be rubbing off on him.
He is all about cutting, coloring, painting, etc. right now.
Today he showed me these and told me what each one was.
Don't worry, there were plenty of brown blobs
that were also labeled with horse, cat, etc.
but these were pretty right on, eh?
And yes, I did provide him with ten pretty colors
but his first move is always to mash them all up together.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


a 2 bath kind of day.
he had so much yogurt up his nose
big blobs would flop in and out with every breathe.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

carve that pumpkin

Pumpkin carving was serious business this year.
Lucy won for best scooper.
Henry for picking the most complicated design for megan to carve.
and Will for being most OCD.
See that gash above our gnarly dude's left eye?
Will sawed that thing the ENTIRE hour we carved.
Holidays get more fun every year!

what a difference a year makes...

sassy, opinionated, snuggly, sweet char.
can't get enough.


w: "mom, let's play hide and seek."
m: "ok, I'll hide first."
w: 1-2-free-4-5-6-8910.
w: "mom, where are you?"
he looks around but not too hard because really
he's scared to find me.
"mom, where are you?"
m: "wiiiiillll."
w: "mom, where are you?"
m: "wiiiiillll."
w: "mom, where are you?"
then he finds me behind the laundry hamper.
w: "ok, now it's my turn to hide!"
m: "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. ready or not, here I come!"
I walk around yelling "where is he, Char?"
opening and closing doors.
looking under tables.
until I "find" him...
behind the laundry hamper.
he finds me behind his bedroom door.
I find him behind his bedroom door.
he finds me under the crib.
I find him under the crib.
he finds me behind the couch.
I find him behind the couch.
This game will be replayed exactly
one million times in the next five years.
I think I am way to lazy to be a parent.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

harvest fest

Will's school had the most perfect little fall party on Friday night.
It was like we went back in time to Geiger Elementary, 1987.
And it was carnival night.
the. best. night. of. the. year.
I'm sure every school did the same thing
but I can't remember anything MORE fun when I was a kid.
We did the cake walk, bounced in the bouncy house,
ate hot dogs, popcorn and cotton candy,
fished over the water wall, shot hoops, tossed bean bags,
rode ponies, played with balloons, followed Char around,
knocked over milk bottles, pet rabbits and goats,
collected candy and laughed a lot.
Oh, and Will won the cake decorating contest
with his "HUGE spider cake!"
It was such a sweet, innocent, perfect little night.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wright Park

Wright Park is kind of our new hang out.
It's close to the kid's schools
and is full of fun.
It was really creepy and trashy when I was growing up
so I am thrilled to see it in all it's glory.

This little dude thinks he is so rad.
The second I put those boots on him
he started strutting and hasn't stopped.

The Arboretum was the perfect "haunted" house
for our little chickens.
Char was obsessed with the giant rats.
We posed.

We fed the Koi.
Henny acted really scared.
Will was pretty scared.
And Char picked his nose.
Then we fed the ducks,

played on the playground,

collected chestnuts and acorns

and called it a day.

I am so thankful for our friends

and these amazing fall days.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just because...

dudes love dirt.

this was a couple of hours after their first bath
and change of clothes of the day.
we've upped the laundry load by about three fold
since the rain hit and made mud
and Will decided he's
"planting a garden and
making a compost like curious george"
in our back yard.
they're very serious about their work
and lucky for is it occupies about 3 hours everyday
between the actual play time, baths,
new clothes wrangling and laundry.

all snuggled in...

with baby supplies packed up and ready to go
right next to the bed.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

work, cont.

i started my "work" post (see below) last week
and then today stalked this, this and this.
you can add what they say to the bottom
of my little blurb.
i heart the people i work with!


work has been hard the last few weeks.
i always say there is no place else I'd want to be
if i have to be away from my dudes.
i go to work with my head held high,
excited to meet the challenges that are presented
to me/us every second of our 12 hour shift.
we laugh, cry, sweat, worry, pray,
hope, advocate, feed, clothe, bathe, baby
talk, hug, snuggle, cheer, suction, soothe,
comfort, revive, travel, play, diaper,
run, coordinate, share, clarify, teach,
serve, collaborate, search, discover
and much more on most days.


we bring it.

because we have to.

for our patients, their families and our coworkers.


and because it's what we do.
it's what we've dedicated our lives to.
and it's what we love.
having that intention brought into question
has knocked the wind out of us.
there's an overwhelming sadness
over what has happened.
and what is happening "out there."
but we will persevere.
because we owe it to our sweet patient who died,
the nurses who took care of her,
and the thousands of patients who need
our heads to be in the game.
we will always remember
what is happening right now.
and we will be better at our job for
experiencing it.
not many can say they've seen a miracle.
i have.
we have.
we've seen lots of them.
we each have our list.
and i look forward to
adding to mine.

splash park

last saturday chris golfed
and the boys and I played.
we went to the park.
it was beautiful outside
and the splash park was sprayin'.
we had no suits
so they stripped down to their undies
and we had the best hour
splashin' in the splash park
all by ourselves.
why do kids always become comfortable
with stuff at the end of the season.
Charlie was in heaven
sticking his face in the spray
and Will ran around like he owned the place.
i'm excited for fall to be here
but i'm already looking forward to next summer.