Thursday, March 25, 2010

nothing exciting...

just a few of my new loves...
I love these fresh food feeders from Munchkin
I really love this newish blog from a former resident at Children's

lots of fun, interesting, thought provoking, crazy mom normalizing discussions.

I also love these from here and here

I am going to hang the boys one at our house

and treat it like the ten comandments.

Ten Things Moms Should Teach Their Sons

1. To express his emotions because bottling them
up eventually makes a person explode.
2. To say "ladies first," hold doors open for women,
and give his date the jacket off his back when he or she is cold
because the world is moving forward in wonderful ways
but that doesn't mean chivalry has to die.
3. To put the toilet seat down after he pees,
change his sheets frequently,
learn to cook, and do laundry.
4. To channel his energy through sports, art, dance,
the written word —whatever his passion may be.
5. That even the biggest fight should be
settled with the mind rather than fists.
6. That not following the group doesn't
make him a loser, but his own leader.
7. To stick up for the underdog
even if it makes him an outcast.
8. That he has the power to make
an amazing difference in life.
9. To worry less about whether she's proud of him
and more about having pride in himself.
10. Smiles are free so be generous with them.

Ten Things Mom's Should Teach Their Daughters

1. That confidence and independence are beautiful.
2. That size doesn't matter, but wasting
her time worrying about it does.
3. That brilliance should never be downplayed.
4. That emotions are liberating so she should
go ahead and laugh, cry or scream.
5. To always have enough money to pay her own way,
but to be gracious when someone else treats.
And to be generous with what she has.
6. To not make age an excuse for her actions.
7. That "mean girls" are really just insecure.
8. That she has an amazing power
to make a difference in life.
9. To actively pursue her dreams
especially those that seem unattainable.
10. That the love she will give and receive is limitless.

(btw...does anyone else HATE the spacing issues on blogger as much as me?)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Will had an accident at my parent's house today.
We had no back-ups so he had to rock no undies
or pants until we got home.
Chris was carrying his naked bum to the car
and Will said
"Daddy, I need to tell you something"
Chris: "what, bud?"
Will: "I just pooped on you."
Chris: "hmmm, really?!"
Will: "no, I just kiddin' that was just a stinky toot!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"I do's that cause that what spiderman do's"

"I do's that cause that what spiderman do's"
that's what he told us right before we started recording.
just one of those moments caught on film.
(And I have no idea what his meat comment is about.)

one more?

charlie got 2 teeth today.
or at least I noticed it today.
could have come in weeks ago.
it's that way with a second baby.
people have been saying
"he must be teething"
because he chews and drools
all the time.
who's baby doesn't?
i just brushed their ridiculous idea aside.
my baby is still a baby.
and way too little for teeth.
ridiculous thought.
he's too young.
wrong again
little miss nurse know-it-all.
my infant is a baby now.
he is going to grow up.
the good news is
he doesn't roll.
at all.
he can't be my last baby,
can he?

we're not ready for disneyland

This kid loves him some Curious George...
so when I saw an ad that he (George) was headed
to the 253 I signed right up.
We got there 30 min early and were prob #50 in line.
About 100 lined up behind us.
There was white trash as far as the eye could see.
(nothing like a free event at the Tacoma Mall
to bring out the best we have to offer)
We talked a big game while waiting in line.
Charlie even got in on the action.

And then he was there, right in front of us...

and we gave it some serious thought
and decided we did want a picture
and to stand next to the big monkey.

until we got this close.

and then we didn't.
at all.
We clung to anything that was moving away from the monkey.
And screamed so loud ears were ringing.
We aren't ready for Disneyland.
We need some huge creepy character doll practice before then.
(on a side note he saw and ad that Handy Manny was
coming to the mall next weekend and was SURE
he wanted to see Manny "because all the tools would be there."
not a chance.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

remember 10 years ago...

So I went to dinner with my gal pals last night
and we were complaining about the fact that we can say
"remember 10 years ago when blah blah blah..."
Basically it means we are all old and rapidly getting older.
not walker and nursing home old
but way past the "what will you be doing in 10 years"
paper we wrote in high school.
So today I thought I would see what we were actually doing
10 years ago and boy was it ugly.
Yes, megan p. I believe that is you on the right.
We are both wearing plain white t-shirts out on the town. nice.
posing at the RAM
I think Chris was the bouncer that night and
kicked someone we were with out for being under 21.
we were wearing white sandals with really thick soles
and brightly colored boot leg capri pants
I had red and royal blue.
we all also rocked black lycra/spandex party pants
that zipped up the back.
dressing in Angie's moms clothes in Palm Desert
(not her dress up closet...her real closet)
door chants at Kappa Delta...ugghhh
Court looked like she was 13
and could perform a mean riverdance...
Heidi was really good at looking like 1987
and dancing on tables.
she also really loved Jon
and ate a lot of Top Ramen.
Angie was my big sis and
John McDougall played Santa
and Liz got married (well not quite 10 years ago
but it sure feels like it)

boy were we wedding rookies...

and apparently wearing belly shirts/camisols

to rehearsal dinners was ok?!

we were babies too...

this weekend we found a picture frame

I made Chris for our first "anniversary"

It was dated Oct, 31, 1995.

and it said "I love you, Christopher!"

pretty ballsy.

my boys better not be tellin' girls they love them at 16.

We did a lot of posing back then.

So glad I started scrapbooking in college.

inspires me to start Charlie's baby book.

I will bring the book to dinner next month.

And we will pose for a new photo to add to the collection.

Thanks for the history girls.

I think it will only get more fun.

What will we be making fun of

10 years from now about the pics we are taking these days?

He's as fun as he looks