Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our friend is back.

So relieved this little dude is finally feeling better.
We thought our sweet little Char was turning into the devil.
But he is back.
A little sassier than before
but nowhere near as naughty as he was while sick.

hardy har har

That little one is laughing so hard

he can't catch his breathe.

And they did this about 36 times.

I hope there is just one time in my life

I make someone laugh this hard.

Big bros are so fun.

The anatomy of a picture of Will.

In his defense I think I was taking pictures of something
that could potentially be used against him in the future.
I wish I could remember what it was.
This is how things go down when the camera comes out.
#1 crying, whining, slapping away at me.
#2 running (think distance between subject and camera)

#3 anger. (can you hear him screaming "STOP!!!!!!!!!!")

#4 Defeat?
Is it sick that I love that I can do this to him so easily.

Remember the sears catalog?

I don't think I ever got one all to myself as a kid
but I worshipped the one my next door neighbor had.
I think I remember borrowing it and making a deal
with Santa or god or whoever was in charge "out there"
that if I could just have one myself I wouldn't need any presents.
I think I also "knew" that it was ok to make that deal
about no presents because I "knew" that whatever
got circled in the catalog would be all mine.
Cause thats how it works, right?
Well, our little friend is now obsessed with Playmobil.
He got a Playmobil catalog in his hot little hands last weekend
and has fallen asleep with happy little fantasies about
owning all those $200 castles and boats and fighting a
pirate/knight/dragon war right there in his room.