Sunday, February 27, 2011

nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea

We've had it all around here this weekend.
Every blanket, sheet and towel has been washed at least once.
By Chris I might add...lucky me! (thank you)
Every muscle in my body has turned to flab
because I have not left the couch in days.
If I get barfed on again I might lose my mind.
But they are both pretty sweet and super pathetic
and we're enjoying the snugs and lap naps.
Please, please let these dudes get better
and the snow melt so we can leave this dungeon!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

brotherly love.

This probably shouldn't have inspired me to take pictures.

(Chris says "nice camel clutch?")

And I probably should have stopped here?
The joy on Will's face is kind of disturbing?
Charlie, here's a list of moves we can start working on.
Might I suggest the reverse frankensteiner,
gorilla press gutbuster or
the facebreaker knee smash?
For some reason I think this makeup hug was forced.
Hopefully my camera will be ready when Charlie turns on him.

my fav time of day.

They're so lucky that bedtime exists.
I love that you love them again
almost enough to wake them up for a snug
5 minutes after they go to bed.
I worship that little bum in the air,
those crossed ankles,
those arms hugging that giraffe,
that chubby tummy for sleeping,
his big head shoved in the corner,
that whispy, unfortunate hair like mine,
those out of season Halloween bat pj's,
those pinchable toes worn out from jumping all day and
most of all those long eyelashes and
big eyeballs that won't open again for at least 10 hours.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

right now...

Will has had a nasty little fever the past few days
so we've been laying low.
He is still snoozing at 8:55.
Chris went back to bed.

So this little dude and I are hanging out.

We just discovered he thinks headers with the soccer ball are hilarious.

Good Morning.

Monday, February 14, 2011


We visited Point Defiance Zoo for the
first time of the "season" on Thursday.
Charlie really got it for the first time.
He loved every little part.
Especially the tigers and sharks.
This is Will's "year of the dragon hat."
Probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever spent $20 on.
Except he'll wear it without a fight...
and as we all know, that is priceless.

He's a grown-up.
Sitting with the big kids.
Watching the crazy scuba divers.
In the shark tank.
And this sweet "little" thing is either
Bima or Mali,
the baby tigers at the zoo.
They are teenage size. A slightly smaller,
definitely fluffier version of their mama.

a valentine's day ditty.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me.
Today at Costco...
Chris: "Will, what should we get your mom for Valentine's Day?"
Will: "How 'bout some of that girl stuff
over dere (pointing at the clothes)?"
Chris: "I don't know if we should be picking out her clothes, buddy...
How about some of that shiny jewelry in that box over there?!"
Will: (insert duhhhhhh voice here)
"No, Dad...dat stuff is not for mommies,
it's for princesses."
Will: "And dad...they have some of dos things dat
pirates wears in theirs ears, too! Right, dad?"
Friends with girls, don't count him out just yet.
I've got time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

yoooooo hoo

Hello?!?! Anyone there?!?!
I have been so bad about blogging I feel
guilty even stalking my normal bloggy haunts.
So I better get back to it.

Chris is skinny.
Seriously skinny.
He'll weigh less than me soon.
He makes me happy (despite my previous statement).
He plays basketball everyday of the week.
He watches the worst TV shows that put me right to sleep.
"Ancient Aliens", anyone?
He works really hard so he can take good care of us.
I'm lucky he's mine.
The kids are lucky he's their's.
Love, love, love.
Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

I took my first sewing class with my new sewing machine,
had my first mammogram (super fun!) and
have read these

Books (I go on kicks).

You should read them all.

(The Hunger Games trilogy, The Millenium Trilogy

and the Sookie Stackhouse series)

Will is obsessed with jeans...everyday or

there is a complete meltdown.
He got dropped off at a school friend's house

to play for the first time.

He's in love (really) with his swim teacher, Hailee.
He makes HUGE piles of everything he can find
for example...

and makes up names for what they are
(like "mom, look! I made a dimmin schnammin shnitzin").
They're a parents worst nightmare of a fort.
And awesome to clean up.
Charlie is getting long and skinny.
He is in that lovely phase where he spends
3/4 of his day screaming "anhhhh, anhh"
and pointing until he gets what he wants.
Talk already.
He's still obsessed with his (now filthy despite the wash)
stuffed animals and his binky.
He's super serious about eating.
He prefers cookies and candy.
He understands that time outs are not cool.
He likes to sword fight with his brother
and climb like a monkey.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

wwf style.


monkey see.
monkey do.
There's a little goomba at our house
who loves to copy, copy, copy his cool big bro.