Tuesday, January 4, 2011

costumes recommended

before and after

Pretty happy with his tent pole as a sword
held in place by his belt loop
the letter t (that is supposed to be part of
Charlie's initials on his door)
that happens to have a loop-de-loop at the end
(tucked into the cuff of his sleeve to
hide the cross on the t)
as his hook.
The real dang deal.
This was the theme of our Christmas
(and now our life).
He put the costume on Christmas morning
and never took it off.
If there was only some way to know which
of the millions of presents is the one they
will actually use and we could buy just that.
I could have spent $23 on this getup
and bought myself a new wardrobe.

Yes, he has a pillow between his legs,

a piece of the rug gripper thing as his blanket,

his sword in hand

and his cape (which his Noni made)hood on.

We woke him up to see if he wanted to change

or go to bed and it was an adamant no.

But at 2 am he got too hot.

stop growing, please.

somber sisters saddle up with Santa

We got to the Santa line EARLY
and he was already there.
They had him all to themselves
for as long as they wanted
and this....

is all the emotion they could muster.

They sat there Just.Like.That for

5 minutes while we jumped around like a bunch

of idiots trying to get them to crack a grin.

They never even turned their hard little heads

in his direction.

He should have brought coal.