Thursday, April 15, 2010

first kiss

my boys ADORE the YMCA daycare
and Tuesday we learned why...
when we walked in
Charlie was sitting on the floor
minding his own business.
we were waiting in line to sign him out.
a little girl (about 1)
came up behind him
wrapped her arms around his neck
and planted a big, opened mouthed
kiss right on the smoocher.
she then turned on her heels
and spun him around,
crashing to the ground.
he cried and we laughed.
apparently he was taking it all in.
Rhonda was the recipient
of all his lovin today.

yesterday was a big day at our house...

Will traded in his binkies
for a "state-board" and knee, elbow and wrist "padders"
we've made it through 2 naps and one night
and so far so good.
way to go, dude!

chubby chocolate chip charlie

because your brother is so generous
and sneaks you chocolate chip cookies in the back seat,
(those are on that list of first foods, right?)

your pants are too short
they're bustin at the seams
and burstin at the buttons.
and you are so freakin huge
you hardly fit in your carseat.
now could you please slow down on the chowing
and speed up on the rolling over
and moving around
so your brother can stop
dragging you ("helping you crawl")
all over the house?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

that's what brothers are for...

It makes my little heart go pitter patter...

and makes all the frustrating minutes in my day worth it.

they really love each other.

and then when Charlie was distracted by the toys on his jumper

after 10 minutes of laughing hysterically at Will

Will looked at me in his best whiny voice and complained...

"moooom, he's not waughin' at meeeee."

then shook Char around and repositioned him

until he had no choice but to laugh again.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

here comes peter cottontail...

The Easter Bunny made a visit to our house.
We ventured out to church with Lulu, Bomp and Tutu.
We ate at Lulu's house.
We tried to take naps.
We ate and hunted for eggs at Noni and Fred's.

Chocolate (really, food in general)
didn't stand a chance around us.
Even Charlie got in on the action.
We love holidays.