Friday, October 31, 2008

playgroup party!

last year
this year

A bit nuttier this year with kids who have opinions. Some didn't want to wear their costumes and others didn't want to be in any pictures with all these other crazy kids.

W and H before catapulting each other off the stool.

Michael, Will and Henry played this game for about 15 minutes straight and probably ruined Sarah's beautiful white curtains in the process. They were definitely loving it!

Playgroup parties are getting wilder and wilder as the kids are starting to play with each other. It's funny to see them grow up and start noticing what the others are into. We tried offering money and cookies to the kids to sit quietly and take a great picture but had no luck. We had a lot of fun at the Welch's house and I look forward to the days when we can bribe them to do what we want!

Happy Halloween!

Will is a golfer this year. It worked out well because with golf balls and golf clubs as props distracting him he will actually leave the hat on for more than 5 seconds.

air guitar in the morning

Yes, that final sweet move is his version of air guitar.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perfect Sunday.

the dude loves to kick

Just like his mama:)

I love the fall...

I just decided that this year.
The weather is ridiculously beautiful.
The trees are to die for.
And it is way more fun to go to the park when you don't sweat.

And they're off.
Henry is so sweet. They always beat us to the park and when
he sees our car he comes running up the walkway to come get baby o.
Like I said, Will waddles when he runs and he's probably faster at walking.
It's going be a long time before he can hang with Henry's speed.

This kid got 3 time outs within the first 10 minutes of being at the park.

Mostly for pushing Will and Henry around.

Will like to swing. Henry likes to push. Period.

Actually, I don't think I've ever seen Henry in a swing unless he was yelling to get out.

Lucy doesn't care much for the park. She prefers her nice, cozy, warm house.

Kind of a weird picture, I know.

The little creature in the back right is a big furry caterpillar that I stopped to show Will on our way out of the park. When I bent down I noticed the other creature (a HUGE spider) that is in the front of the pic. I couln't believe how fat it was. Have you ever seen a spider that big just cruising around? I know I haven't.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

all 16 months of you...

i love you on your 16 month birthday for so many reasons.
i love your gap toothed smile. i love that you are sweet to babies.
i love your Fascza blue eyes. i love your Tonellato nose.
i love that you loved us even more when you were sick.
i love when you smile and run to me when you haven't seen me for awhile.
i love that you don't have stranger anxiety. i love that you love golf.
i love that you love balls and the 1st word out of your mouth everyday is ball.
i love that you know how to kick. i love that you hate the trampoline at toddler gym.
i love your new "dirty" look that you give us when you are puzzled or bugged by something.
i don't love that you hit but do love that you give away your tired "secret" when you do it.
i love that you finally don't cry during swim class. i love that you are a book nerd.
i love that you would never stop eating, ever if I'd let you.
i love that you eat everything. i love that you adore your grandparents.
i love that you love dogs. i love that you only say one syllable words.
i love that you speak sentences without any words in them.
i love that you dance like crazy. i love that you waddle, waddle, waddle when you see a penguin.
i love that you adore your bed. i love your nerdy hair style.
i love that you won't smile when i'm trying to take your picture.
i love that you don't cry when you get your hair cut.
i love that you can eat with a fork and a spoon and you hardly make a mess.
i love that you can throw a REAL temper tantrum with flailing and screeching included.
i love that you all of a sudden like to hold my hand. i love the way you say "shoo."
i love that you're naughty enough that you need time-outs.
i love the way you waddle when you run and that you may move faster when you're walking.
and on and on...
i love you the exact way you are. just always be you.

everything is funnier when you are naked

Normally this popper toy is not that funny.
His crocs aren't that funny either.
Taking clothes out of the picture made us fall over laughing.

Kahler/Granger Wedding

Angie and James got hitched this weekend in high style.
I wish I had more pictures to do justice to the event.
It was a beautiful, thoughful, sweet, swanky, fun weekend.
We had great food, got pampered, dressed up, danced
and had a night away without Will. Most importantly I got to
spend quality time with my very favorite gals. It was
really fun for me to have time without all of our kids to
just hang out and chat. Wish we could do it more often.
I wish the best of life for Angie and James and am so
jealous that they are dining in Rome as I write this.

ummm, mom...i'm not sure you should leave us with these people again.

Lucy got a little "all shook up" by Will when we
watched them so Liz could get her hair done.
She kinda thought it was fun but only once.
He just loves her so much:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

he's sick and we're tired.

Will has been living with the equivalent of the plague since last Thursday.
He has had 104 degree fevers, diarrhea, barf sessions, 4 molars coming in and a double ear infection which perforated his eardrum last night (they say it's a good thing once it's done)
We have hardly left the couch, much less the house. He has hardly left our laps.
This has been his position of choice (face smached into
our chests) with binky safely smashed into mouth

This is him Sunday night when he was so delirious he fell asleep sitting up in his crib. I woke him with the flash so you can't see but his legs are straight out in front of him and he is out cold.

His binky, which he usually only gets in bed {and when it is convenient for me (like at the mall)}, has not left his lips for 7 days. I don't know how we'll break that new habit.

Not back to normal yet but our first glimpse of his former feisty, fun, sweet self, today.


We spent (last) Tuesday night at the driving range
(instead of the gym) with David & Lindsey,
Joe & Renee and Renee's sister, Leanna.
Will is obsessed with the place.
He doesn't have the best golf etiquette, however.
It took him about 10 times (of almost getting his
head knocked off with a golf ball) to learn he
could not follow his ball out onto the range.
He kept walking into everyone's swing.
And he was talking and clapping for himself
the entire time we were there.
He was awfully cute but I don't think the
group of men next to us, who were getting a
lesson, appreciated his enthusiasm.