Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

 the patch.

 the ragamuffins and their miniature masterpieces
 bang! pow! crash!
 the dynamic duo!
and our little hallo-weenie
 "I skirred mommy, I skirred!!"
and a little chocolate,
saved for a midnight snack.

and for the record char was "robin, wit a bat-man mask"
because he wasn't allowed to also be batman.
a small identity crisis never hurt anyone.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

i usually keep an eye on my kids...

 found this on our gross retro countertop
after chris, will and i finished a (maybe) 3 minute house project.
me:  "Charlie, where is all the gum?"
C:  "mom, da dum dough in my mouf!!!"

Thursday, October 6, 2011


our little mermaid-man.
truth is he's way better than his big bro.
and he loves it.
he asks to "dough swimmin' 'day" every single morning.
he's also almost dying at the end of this video from inhaling h2o.
he was a bit frustrated and scared
and pouted and wouldn't listen to the teacher for the next 15 min.
but after 2 timeouts
and his lack of long term memory kicking in
he rallied and finished class with a big cheesy charlie grin. 

Monday, October 3, 2011


well, the jeans in timeout worked like a charm.
the dude was a gem all weekend.
chris was out of town and the boys and i actually
had a really fun, no tantrum weekend together!
and he was so excited to wear the jeans to school tomorrow
he's wore them to bed :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

when they said "it's a boy" i did not expect this...

at least not at 4.
this dude is obsessed with what he wears.
i've said it a million times but he worships his BLUE jeans.
he's moved on to specifically "skinny" blue jeans.
getting dresses is a disaster every. single. day.
unless his skinny blue jeans are clean.
we've also been having a hard time with consequences for bad behavior.
he doesn't seem to care anymore about things being taken away.
or thrown away (which has worked like magic for us in the past).
UNTIL my genius hubby thought of throwing away his skinny jeans.
now i'm not crazy enough to actually throw any of them away
but they are currently in "time out" until school on monday.
(see below :)
he may never get to wear them again...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 w:  "dad, what am i going to be when i grow up?"
chris: "i don't know bud what do you want to be?"
w: "what do you do dad?"
chris: "i'm a lawyer."
w: "i'm going to be a lawyer too, dad! (brown noser)"
peanut gallery (ie. char): "i goin' to be batman!" 

 2 year stats.
50th percentile weight.
60th percentile height.
90th percentile head circumference.
dude's got quite a noggin.
this is what happens when dad goes to picture day.
we get a group photo, a 5X7, 2-3X5 magnets and eight baseball cards.
and spend $38.
 and most of the info on his cards is made up.
it should read:
age: 4  uniform: too cheap to buy numbered jerseys
height:  i have no idea   weight:  maybe 40 pounds (def not 55)
position:  what's a position? this is t-ball.
bats and throws: right
fav pro: what?  he def. doesn't know who ichiro is.
but i do love that they voted to be called the volcanoes. fierce, right?
 this is what happens when dad goes to the mall. 
we come home with 2 hillbilly trucker hats.
and spend another $38.
 and now i'm stuck having to make up reasons
why they can't ever wear them in public
every time we get out of the car. 
my mom wanted to spend $149 on a linen bulletin board from pottery barn.
i made her this one for $23.
including the flower pins which would not have come with the one from p. barn :)
cute substitute, right?

my sister and her friend chelsey were in town
and took the kids to pump it up.
you can decide who had the most fun.
kid number one worships his dad.
and wouldn't mind if i never came home from work.

this goon won't even let his dad 
get him out of bed he loves me so much.
and i don't want summer to end 
because i want endless evenings like this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


 We took Chris the kids fishing today.
Some genius from Metro Parks
thought of filling the out of commission
Titlow pool with trout
and letting parents kids come and round 'em up. 

Chris might have had more fun than anyone
and I was pretty sure he was going to head back to the pool
after the kids went down for their nap.
 We caught 5 fish
and ate them for lunch.
The best part of the day was that they had
kids there cleaning the fish for you!
Actually, the best part of the day was watching these two
and their dad enjoy their new favorite past time.
so much fun.

Friday, September 9, 2011

he's missing his terrible

2 looks good on you.
you're a cool little dude
and i love watching you become 
the kid you're going to be.
I don't feel sad about you growing up
because you just get more and more fun.
I think someone forgot to put the terrible into you.

about you at two.

every little brother does it
but you copy EVERYTHING that Will does.
absolutely everything.
word for word.
action for action.
scream for scream.
hit for hit.
throw for throw.
the two of you generally love each other
but got into your first brawl a couple weeks ago.
you've stopped putting up with his junk
and i think you're going to give him a run for his money.

you love most foods but have started pretending you can't hear
when i tell you you need 2 more bites of veggie before dessert.
you just quietly remove yourself from the table
go play
and then sweetly return as soon as the freezer opens.

you love to swim.
and think you're pretty awesome at it.
you prefer that i don't catch you when you jump in,
hold you when you kick and paddle
or tell you how to do a bob.
problem is you sink like a rock if i don't.
we'll keep working on it.

you wake up every morning screaming 
"maaaaa, maaaaaaaa"
with a bit of a jersey accent.
and then switch to
"daaaaa, daaaaaaaa"
when you get no response.
you then beg for juice, your bibi's, bunny and doggie.
love that morning snuggle.

your favorite show is still Curious George
but luckily (and def. not because of my parenting)
you've chilled out on your TV obsession.

your dad pointed out yesterday that your chattering
is like a constant run of your stream of consciousness. 
you talk a lot.
if you tell us you see a motorcycle or a big truck
or a ball or a bird
and we don't respond immediately
and mention what you said in that response,
you keep shouting it over and over,
louder and louder 
until we do.
ex. c: "maaaa, big truck right dere...."(split second)
"Big Truck Right Dere!!"
me: "oh yeah, char, cool"
c: "BIG TRUCK RIGHT DERE (split second), 
Maaaa!  Big Truck Right Dere!!!"
me:  "cool, char.  you see a big purple truck over there?
c: "yeah." (end of discussion)
over and over all day.
and most days it makes me 
wanna pull out every little strand of hair on my head
kiss that loud mouth of yours.

you love chucking balls all over the house
rapid fire style.

your personality is really sweet, sweet, sweet.
i am going to have to watch myself with you
because it's easy to let you get away with things.
you're quick to apologize, sit quietly in time out
and admit when you're naughty.
not a whole lot of drama in you.

you love to scream "Bad, Mommy (Daddy, Will, etc.)"
when we do something you don't like or tell you no.
it drives me absolutely bonkers. 
and you've probably been in time out 50 times for it.
but the other day you were choking on something
and i smacked you on back to help you get it out
which apparently hurt because you looked up at me
with huge alligator tears and started bawling 
saying ":( bad, mommy :("

you and Will are obsessed with sticker books right now.
you work on them every night with your dad before bed.

you have the best run!
you kind of hop every right step.
and you swing just your right arm.
and you have the biggest gap toothed, overbite grin when you do it.
you also love to walk on narrow walkways/balance beams.

you love waffles with pb and syrup, WILL, kicking and throwing
anything, your bibi's, doggie and bunny, juice, the girls in the Y nursery,
playing with friends (esp, henry, lucy and owen), wearing everyone's shoes,
your grandparents, saying "my do it!", the kittens, mowing the grass,
the bounce house, looking for bugs, pizza, taking a shower, playing pickleball,
picking noni's not ripe yet tomatoes and throwing them,
riding your scooter, eating snacks, begging for snacks, pointing
out motorcycles, the park, reading books, fruit snacks, pirate's booty and fish
crackers, pillow fights, wrestling with dad, teriyaki chicken, balancing on the couch
and a good squeeze.

we appreciate all these little things about you Char
and we love every sweet inch!
happy, happy day to you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

how NOT to woo a girl, part 3

"MOM! Wook at dis! Wook at dis, mom!"

Brooke...I think this should become a regular post topic.
Rico Suave doesn't live at our house, either.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm in.

I think I might be a camper.
Besides the packing up and putting away gear when you get home.
If someone would just do that for me I'd go a couple times a month.
I don't want to do anything crazy like hike into the campsite.
Or do my business in the woods.
But I like being kind of dirty.
I like throwing together meals with friends.
I like my kids to pass out exhausted after a long, perfect, no nap day.
I like stinking like a campfire.
I like waking up with Charlie grinning at me from 2 feet away.
I like being on vacation without spending a lot of money.
I kind of like sleeping on my air mattress.
I really like getting to know my friends and their kids better.
"We" (Fynn's dad) played fetch with the dog (and the kids).
and Hads coated themselves in sand.
And thought it was so funny.

Hads, the jumping bean
(this might have been as high as she got off that ball
but she thought she was high five-ing clouds.)
Niamh's supermodel pose.
I could just sit in a room with him all day.
that face.
the nicest, most chill kiddo
with an "I love mommy" handmade sign on his helmet
that he wore for an hour on the beach before
remembering he still had it on.

Don't know how I missed Fynn
but he and Will had a blast together!
Thanks for letting us invite ourselves on your adventure, girls.
We loved it!