Thursday, October 6, 2011


our little mermaid-man.
truth is he's way better than his big bro.
and he loves it.
he asks to "dough swimmin' 'day" every single morning.
he's also almost dying at the end of this video from inhaling h2o.
he was a bit frustrated and scared
and pouted and wouldn't listen to the teacher for the next 15 min.
but after 2 timeouts
and his lack of long term memory kicking in
he rallied and finished class with a big cheesy charlie grin. 


Sarah said...

HOLY SMOKES MERMAN! I am so impressed right now! I think he has better skills than me!

Jordan K. Foster said...

Whoa, I wouldn't say his swimming skills are that great just yet... not sure his head was above water. However, to be jumping in the water no problem like that, pretty crazy.

malia said...

duh jordan...mer-men don't need to come up for air.

Heidi Bruch said...

This is seriously incredible. Whoa. I need to get the kids in swimming stat. Way to go, mama, for being brave and letting him swim to you - I think this will be a Jon duty - it freaks me WAY out.

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