Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jack!

We spent Friday night celebrating Jack's 27th birthday, again.
The boys entertained us all by hitting ten thousand golf balls,
running through the sprinkler and almost clobbering each other
every 5 minutes with golf clubs, croquette mallets, tennis rackets
and anything else on a stick they could get their hands on.
Lucy was sweet as always and is just the best little
personality. I can't wait until she is running the show with
those big boys.
And what night is complete without the group bath?
The bath water was completely filthy when they were
done which is the best sign of a perfect summer day.

when dad is in charge of getting dressed...

Chris confessed last Monday that he sent Will
to my mom's house with sandals and socks on
with his shorts.
I explained that it wasn't an acceptable choice
and asked how he would feel if I made him wear his
sandals with socks.
Knowing that Chris has never been one to sport the look,
I thought that would be the end of it.
To be (sort of) fair, Chris said he didn't want Will to get blisters
(from the sandals he wore the entire time we were
in Hawaii without a problem).
Then I was greeted by this on our way to take a walk with
my mom and Rich on Sat.
The worst part is that my mom thinks it is a great idea
because she doesn't want his feet to get cold...hello?
(for the record, she doesn't sport the look, either)
How about wear real shoes or pants or slippers
or anything but sandals and socks?
Sorry, Will.
Please don't hold these pics against me when you're 15 and
more importantly don't mistake the fact that your geeky dad
and Lulu thought this was a good idea with the truth that it is
never a good idea and never, ever a hip, cool or even smart wardrobe choice.

Will hearts his "farts"

One of my favorite parts of the day is greeting
this little dude after his nap.
We usually play for awhile before actually getting out
of the crib.
(not that I nap every dang day but if I did maybe
you could say we use this time to stretch and
adjust to facing the day for the second time)
His new favorite thing is to make his crib into a "fart."
He would stay in there for hours if he could.
Maybe he'll sleep in his big bed if we make it into a fort?

just before the bloody lip

Gearing up for the new little dude.
Lucky for us Lucy has out grown
her carseat.
Will thought it was the best jungle gym
until his face (mostly his upper lip)
got caught between the handle bar and the wall
(imagine this last picture with the seat slipping out
from underneath him).
It was his first gushing injury and it was a
bit like a horror movie because he really freaked out
when I came near him with a towel to clean up the blood,
so we just left it until I bribed him with a
popsicle to calm him down (and help avoid a gigantic fat lip).
Needless to say we don't need to worry
about him sharing the seat with the baby...
he is happy to pass it on.


Trying to teach him the fine art of smiling for the camera.
This is where we started.
"say cheeeese!"
Actually I counted myself lucky that he would even
acknowledge me while I had the camera on him.
the old college try...

bad picture quality but better smile...
(I REALLY need to read my camera book)
Pretty good for a 5 second attention span.
I'm sure I just said something really, really funny:)

snoozer ma goozer

The new position of choice in da crib.
Moving up to the big boy bed
in the next couple of days.
So far it has only been good for jumping
like a maniac on. Not convinced he
will actually sleep in it but we'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Torn-on-da-tob for dinner last night was a big hit.

I love Tacoma

Will and I tried out a new park last week.
He was thrilled by the baseball game he could
watch while swinging and playing.
I was thrilled by "The Grind" dance party
that was happening.
When we pulled up and got out of our car this
cute dad had just hit play on his boom box
and had a crew of kids around him
boppin to the rap beat.
They were so happy, excited and proud of their moves.
Maybe this stuff happens everywhere but I love that
I can find it just down the street from my house.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(almost) 2 is terrific :)

This particular meltdown was because I wouldn't
give him his second (yes, 2nd) helping of Raisinets
at 8:15 in the morning.
He's like the energizer bunny once he starts.
He flails, flops, screams and the alligator tears are impressive.
The best remedy is to laugh
(the drama is pretty entertaining) and walk away.
He usually comes popping his head around the corner
after 5 or 10 minutes to check out what I am doing.
As his parents we can't help but love his sassiness.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

all the rage

Forts (pronounced "farts") are where it's at

at our house.

We build about 50 a day and when Chris and I

announce we're done we get the sweetest little

face saying "fart peese, daddy. peese mama. peese?"

i wanna see da key-cock

Went to the zoo just to see the "key-cock" on Sunday
and boy were we in for a show.
Will asked for the peacock about 20 times before
we rounded the corner and this is what we saw.
Of course, Will completely freaked out.
Not because he was amazed (like Chris and I)
but because he was scared out of his mind.
Clinging and screaming to Chris while I got some
good pics.
It must be mating season because this guy was all
about strutting his stuff.
We walked away with Will demanding the walruses
and specifically "no key-cock, no key-cock."

Saying hello to the fish and sharks.

Up close and personal.