Sunday, August 29, 2010


(really old picture but the best I could find.)
Before: ugly blue porch + worn out door + tired "white" trim +
chintzy metal windows = BORING.

after: old chintzy metal windows with new trim +
new black painted porch + shiny new trim paint +
newly painted red front door =
much happier little home owner.

We gave our house a facelift a couple of weekends ago.
we have a long way to go but I adore it
and it makes me so happy every time I pull up.
And for the record, I spent all day Sunday painting
the white trim, overhang, etc.
Monday Chris called me at work to tell me
he wasn't into the cream that I picked out.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Still hard to let it go,
but not quite as hard as last time.

He seemed to enjoy himself
and felt very grown up.

schreunion 2010

We rocked the Schryver Reunion last week.
My mom's mom, Tutu, and her sibs
have been hosting our family reunion
every other year for about 20 years.
Dang I'm getting old...

we bought a portable dvd player for the trip
and it was the BEST money I've ever spent. Ever.

We swam.

we had squirt gun fights.

we rode horses.
well, we whined through one lap
and then screamed until we got off that horse.

we bounced.
we whined.
who whines with ice cream in their hand?

we laughed.

we ate more ice cream with Tutu.

we fed and admired horses.
we rode and rode and rode our bikes.
and we celebrated Patsy, Jim and Sally Schryver.
here's to Sun River in 2012!