Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Liz made boysenberry jam a couple of weeks ago.
To say we like it is an understatement.
The jar is empty and we are totally bummed.
We've had it on toast, pb&j, in oatmeal
and just about every other way you can imagine.
Will has worn a lot of it but only because he
shoves it in so quickly.
Thanks, Lou!

beep beep

Jordan came to visit a couple of weekends ago.
He was inspired pretty quickly by all of Will's
cool toys.
We tried to get him to run around
naked with the usually naked popper but for some
reason he wasn't that interested.
Or just hadn't had enough beers.
He did however teach Will that his truck "beeps"
everytime he circles it around the couch and
Will now demands that beep about 300 times
a day. Thanks, Jordan.
You should come over to play a lot more often:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Some pics from a day with Fred, Murrey and Urn
(yes, this is what he calls Fred, Mary and auntie Erin).
Quite a serious little nerd look.