Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I dit my bang...

Will was at Mary and Fred's yesterday and they were
getting ready to head back to our house to meet Chris.
Fred was talking to Mary and said that he was going to
stop at Home Depot to pick up some stuff on the way.
Will turned to him and said
"We go Home Depot?"
"I dough dit my bang"
("I go get my hammer")
They then prooceded to hit up home depot with
Will carrying his entire tool kit.

heaven, continued...

Playing volleyball with dad, Sophie and Henry.
Sunset at Black Rock

Playing like crazy with Henry

Chris and Dave ready for golf.

Swimming in "da big poo" with Bomp, Sophie and Henry.
Will and his two new favorite people, Henry and Sophie.
We had an awesome time in Hawaii and were sad to
leave...esp. when we were greeted by snow on Sat. night.
We ate a ton of great food, heard lots of "I wan da swim in da big poo"
(Will didn't have time for the baby pool or pirate ship),
watched Will, Sophie and Henry play golf, soccer, etc. on
a cool new lawn at our hotel, snorkeled, ate a lot more good food,
shopped, took naps, walked, played in the sand, wore full
body swim suits (including spf 50 boots for Will),
played golf, watched the humpbacks in front of our hotel,
fed the Koi fish, watched the koi fish, listened to Will
say "ere's (where's) Bomp, Dave, Indsee (Lindsey), daddy, etc."
ten thousand times a day and enjoyed coffee and breakfast
every morning while people and whale watching.
Can't wait for our trip in 2011.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

our little piece of heaven...

"da boat!!!"
Will kept calling the airplanes boats.
Not sure why except that he's never seen a plane
that wasn't flying so it must be a boat?!
Lounging with Lulu on our balcony in Wailea.
It's a rough life watching Will play golf with Bomp
while enjoying this view from our deck.

Our morning coffee walk.

Playing on the beach
Quiet time with auntie Rachel.

Rockin out with Lulu's iPod
Thank goodness we finally found Henny...
when these 2 finally saw eachother on Saturday
it reminded me on those long lost family reunions
that Maury Povich used to have on his shows, you
know the kind where the dad and daughter are
reunited after "losing" eachother for 20 years?
They were grinning literally from ear to ear gave
eachother a huge hug!
Henny feeding Will Fruit Loops
Swimming with dad!

Snoozing through lunch after playing hard with
Henny and swimming all morning.
Checking out the "cool koi fish"
which are the new loves of his life.
Heading to sushi.
Running off the last ounce of energy before hitting the bed.
We're having a great time in Hawaii...
huge surprise, I know.
Our days have been busy yet relaxing and so much fun.
Will is in heaven and although a different vacation
than before kids, it is so great discovering
every little thing with him.
Not sure how we'll keep him entertained when we
get home.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

freeze frame

Will was playing outside yesterday while I
was cleaning the kitchen.
I walked out of the room and came back to
see him enjoying his hot chocolate
sitting on the back steps.
I heard a "WOW", saw him point and then
say "brd-ths" (that's birds in Will speak
with his newly found lisp).
So sweet that he gets so excited every single
time he sees or hears a bird.

may we have a table for 4 adults and 7 kids?

Liz, Henry, Lucy, Will and I went to Seattle last Thursday
to visit with Courtney, Heidi and Angie.
And their kiddos, Raleigh, Chandler, Adelaide and Hayden
We had been planning it for weeks and of course,
the day came and it snowed.
We met at U Village and let the kids play (freeze)
on the playground.
Then decided it was time for lunch.
Where do you go with 4 adults and 7 kids under 3?
Specialties Bakery had 4 high chairs and was
close to where we were so they "won" our business.
Will's hands were frozen and hurt so he was
crying when we got to the restaurant.
I took him into the bathroom and forced him to hold
his hands under luke warm water to warm them up.
By his screams, you'd have thought I was
drowning him in boiling water.
He then needed his poopy diaper changed
which he was not interested in.
He squirmed and screamed bloody murder
while I cleaned him up.
He kicked one shoe off and it flew across the bathroom.
There was poop all over the table.
I set him down so he could continue to throw his fit.
He was soon face down on the public bathroom floor,
with no pants (or diaper) and a missing shoe screaming
so loud people probably thought I was trying to
flush him down the toilet.
After cleaning up the poop on the walls
I decided he had to have at least a diaper on before
reuniting with the rest of the world.
He had wormed his way over (on the floor)
to the door so while I sat on top of him
and wrestled trying to get his diaper on
he banged and kicked the door so anyone who hadn't
noticed he'd lost his mind was now sure of it.
And by the way...I was sweating at this point.
I finally got his diaper and pants on and opened the
door to leave and he looked around at everyone like "what?"
Liz came to his (and my) rescue and soothed him in
her Liz way.
He then sat very nicely for lunch.
Apparently he had worked up an appetite.
I just kept looking at him on the dirty bathroom floor
and thinking "this has to be one of those low moments
in parenting."
Kind of like breastfeeding him while sitting on a public toilet.

testing out the new kicks

Will has trouble with change.

He throws a fit when you try and put new shoes

on his feet and screams until you switch back to the oldies.

Until we figured out the jump test.

If when he tries them on we immediately ask

him to see how high he can jump,

and then throw a "jumping so high" party,

he will agree to keep them on...

at least for awhile.

So, we have to have a lot of warm up runs before

shoes actually make their debut.

We're off to a good start with his new sandals

for our trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks.

(not to make you jealous:)

What's cuter than fat little kid feet smashed into

Reef sandals?

pretty sure we shouldn't be encouraging this...

He's out of breath because this was about an hour

into his jumping escapades.

It must be a boy thing.