Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ode to the rattail

I giggle like a school girl when I even hear the word rattail
and think of all the people I know who had them.

Wikipedia's interpretation:
"A rattail is a haircut that is characterized by a long "tail"
of hair growing from the back of the head.
The rattail usually curls naturally;
however, it can be braided,
treated as a dread, permed, straightened,
or curled with an iron.
This hairstyle saw a brief period of mainstream
popularity during the 1980s and has
rapidly fallen out of vogue.
However, it has recently seen renewed popularity.
In some instances, an individual might choose
to grow several tails as opposed to a single very long tail."

And apparently Cristiano Reynaldo is bringing it back.

And this is Charlie's version.
It's a pretty good start, huh?
Although he is not bringing it back
I'll admit I'm not ready to chop it.
But when I am you can bet it will be saved.
As his first (and only?!) rattail.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MJ in t-town?

Will: "dad, wook at dat hoop...someone
dunked the basketball way too hard."

forrest gump

We ran up to Starbucks last weekend to meet my parents.
Will said he wanted to run, too.
We laughed, thinking it would maybe last to the end of the block.
Forrest ended up running almost all 25 blocks to coffee.
He thought he was pretty awesome.
All I could think about was how great his nap was going to be.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just the guys...

The Husky spring game was last Friday.
Will, Chris and Grandpa Fred went to check out the squad.
Will was not enthusiastic about picture taking
but I did get a shot of all three smiling...miracle.
Before leaving I asked Will if he was going to cheer,
"Go, Jake Locker!!"
and he said...
"no, mom...I will say,
Go, all the guys!"
That's an even better idea.
Details are hard to come by but Will was introduced
to Dick's Drive-In late night
so it must have been pretty darn great.

love that

they play TOGETHER.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

all kinds of balls...

This kid is obsessed with everything ball.
We spend our days bumping, swinging, wacking,
hitting, throwing, digging, driving, laying up, tossing, sliding,
running, dunking, bunting, shanking, rallying,
jogging, shooting, dribbling and putting.
Bump (volleyball), baseball, golf, basketball, racquetball,
tennis, pickleball, soccer and anything else
we can make up, rule around here.
At least I know I'll get to live every girl's dream of endless
afternoons carting sweaty, hungry, stinky kids
around town for practice in my minivan...