Sunday, December 27, 2009

santa came to our house...

Will: Is dis for me (pointing at new kitchen)?

chris: That's from Santa.

will: whoooaaa....wook at all dis sthtuuuffff.

will: Is that is for me wight here? wight there?

Malia: I think so...

will: Look at all this sthtuuuffff....look at all this sthtuuufff.

malia: look at all of it. what do you think? Merry Christmas.

will: ...and the pwates...and da cuppps...wot of sthtuuufff...look at all this sthtuuufff.

malia: huh, huh, huh...

will: look at all that sthtuuufff.

malia: look at all of you think you like that stuff?

will: yeeethhhhh (he now answers every question with Yethhh (lisp at the end))

malia: you do?

will: did you brought it for me for Christmas?

malia: Santa brought it for you.

will: tan you open dis one for me?

malia: sure. you want me to open it?

will: I may have to...I may have to dough dit da scissors.

you can turn it off after that. Even Chris agrees that it made my overspending totally worth it.

And thankfully this:

was my gift from Santa so our future family memories won't need translation. whoo hoo!

this holiday season i loved...

I bought it for all the gift exchanges I participated in (3)
and even took my own gift at one of them so I could keep it.
(I went back to Target today and bought the large and small
ones at 50% off so I'd have a collection for next year.)
(don't tell chris :)
my boys' (matching) Christmas outfits.

my new bedding

...on my new KING size bed.
If you don't have one, go get one.
Best money ever spent.

our little home depot tree.

Our FOUR stockings.

Watching this...BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

and these little houses that belonged to Chris' grandma.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

lovin' lulu.

Ho, Ho, Hum

After last year's visit and picture
maybe I had great expectations...
but it was a pretty lame visit with Santa this year.
Getting siked about meeting the big dude in red
peeping tom in the dressing rooms waiting for Santa

there was more excitement (trying to) take their picture before

than when they landed on the lap.
Charlie did let loose later that afternoon when
I told him he could take off his matchy matchy monkey suit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We won't be winning any contests.

We bought a cheater gingerbread house at Costco.
We couldn't even get that right.
While Chris and I tried to get the frosting to frost
without popping open the pastry bag (for about 30 min.)
Will consumed most of the candy.
Then Charlie started screaming.
So Chris ended up frosting the thing with
his finger and "finishing" it by himself.

Charlie's "fart"

Charlie seriously digs his hand-me-down
exersaucer (Thanks, R & C McDougall).

Will took some time out of his busy day to

show Charlie the ropes and

how to get the most out of his time in the toy.

cooking dinner one night I hear yelling...


lucky Charlie.

earwax free

"I t-leanin' my ears, mom."
That's kinda how it works, bud...
Other recent Will-isms...
"Oh, oh mama (kinda panicked)...where's da barf blankie?"
after Charlie had urped in the car.
Auntie Erin: "Will, come into Noni's room with me
and watch a movie..."
Will: "no, I tan't...I to busy."
When we get to the top of the elevator at the mall
for no apparent reason Charlie went from smiling at me
to sobbing inconsolably...
me: "what's the matter Char? what happened?"
(pulled the stroller over, etc.)
will: "oh, mom...he's cryin' because I bit him."
(only funny after the timeout that followed)
Chris found Will in the living room early Monday morning
trying to cut open (with his butterknife)
the Polly Pockets and My Little Pony's
(we specifically chose girls so we would
avoid him wanting the toys)
we bought for the kids on the giving tree at Nordstrom
after we spent the weekend trying to teach him that
Christmas is about giving and helping people less fortunate.
All weekend he was fixated on "sharing wif da kids"
but the pull of the dollies and dress up must have been too much.