Monday, June 29, 2009

yook at dis...

"mom...yook at dis tower dat my make"
(mom...look at this tower that my make)
"wif da duy on it!"
(with the guy on it)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

50 first dates is not even close to enough

Will and I had our first date tonight.
He was thrilled to be there :)

At least I know the way to his heart...
Chris' mom joined us to go see "UP" at the movie theatre.
What a darling, fun movie.
The dude was good except for his repeated outbursts of
"oh my dosh mama"
We had pizza before the movie, picked up cheater treats
at the gas station (he did not appreciate having to put them
into my bag while sneaking them into the theatre), and then
saw the movie.
Pretty much the perfect date.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

He did it!

Pretty proud of himself this morning!
He even took his breakfast blueberries
back to bed with him.
Threw a fit when I wouldn't let him dump
them out so he could eat them like a dog
but at least he appears to be attached to the
new digs.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whooo Hoooo!!!

We've been trying to get the dude into his
big boy bed for a couple of weeks
and he is (was:) not having it.
Chris is out of town this weekend so
I decided to try again while the house is
especially quiet.
Tonight was the perfect opportunity
because we were out way past his bedtime,
we had a very busy day and his
favorite new monster Pj's were clean.
We talked about it while he was in the tub,
got dressed in his new room,
read no less than 8 books
and then I said "ok, bud have a good sleep"
He turned over, snuggled in and I didn't hear another peep!

This last pic is for my mom so she knows that

he is protected from falling out of the bed.

We'll see how the rest of the night/week goes!


Will's 2 year old check up was last Wednesday.
We really love his Doctor and esp. loved when
he said there were no shots at this visit.
He went through a whole list of how does he/
what does he/just does he's?
Most things I happily checked off the list...
until he asked "how is his imagination?"
I stared blankly for a minute thinking he's 2...
then he clarified.
"Does he color? Does he paint? Does he play dress up?"
The blank stare persisted.
"How about make car sounds?"
Yes...yes he does do that, sometimes.
I finally admitted that honestly I can almost
never get him out of the back yard.
He kicks, shoots, drives, putts, hits, catches, etc. with
the best of 'em (I recognize that this is not a "real" problem).
The dude does not want to play with playdoh,
paint, color, play music or do anything that involves sitting for
an extended period of time.
Well, he "encouraged" me to encourage Will
to do this kind of stuff more often.

So we pulled out the playdoh...
he stacked it and then KICKED it over.

We showed him a piano straight out of the movie
He played it with his face.

He doesn't really dress up...
but loves dressing down
("naken" in Will speak).

We may be on to something with these
stacking things that I'm sure my mom
spent a ridiculous amount of money on.

And then we went to the park today.
And a little girl asked if he wanted to help her make stew.
He stared blankly at her
(not unlike my blank stare at the dr.)
and then looked at me and said
"makin' choc-let cake!!!"
Don't know where he got cake from the invite for stew
but I think that is the creative point.
He obsessed over the cake (and ice cream)
for the rest of our park visit.
Make that one small victory in the Torrone house
no thanks to the parents.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

top 25 reasons my dad is rad...

1. He takes me to the driving range and let's me hit all his balls.
2. He plays with me everyday when he gets home from work.
3. He sneaks me donuts on "our" days.
4. He mows and weed-wacks our yard.
5. He is a hard worker.
6. He tells me he loves me all the time.
7. He makes the best forts.
8. He never says no when I want to play.
9. He lets me "help" with yard work.
10. I love to snuggle with him in the bed in the morning.
11. He watches the best TV and can always find sports.
12. He buys me gummy bears at the store.
13. He takes me to Puetz Golf.
14. He takes me on walks at Chamber's Bay.
15. He loves my mom.
16. He plays basketball with me.
17. He takes me to the park.
18. He takes me to fun places to eat.
19. He makes me laugh really hard.
20. He takes me to Costco for hotdogs and pizza.
21. He doesn't make me go to the mall like mom does.
22. He lets me play with his "monies."
23. He lets me wear socks with my sandals.
24. He takes me to the zoo.
25. He love, love, loves me and I love, love, love him!!!
Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!
Everyone says it but you really are the best one!!!
Thank you for taking such good care of me and my mom.
We love and appreciate you!
xoxo, Will (and baby brother)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a happy, happy day

Will and Lucy had their birthday today.
Will turned 2 and Lucy is 1.
So fun to have a friend to share your big day with.
We had a little brunch at Lulu and Bomp's house this morning.
Will got the craziest motorized golf cart and a
big chocolate sprinkled donut with a candle in it.
We then headed home so we could all take a nap.
Lucy's wild party started at 4 and it was definitely kid heaven.
It was really fun to have all of our
Seattle friends down for dinner.
Wish we could see them more often.
We ended the night with the Dr. Seuss Birthday Book
and Will saying "Happy Birthday to Will!"
Love, love, love you my 2 year old buster!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Our own little ad for the dairy farmers of Washington.
Hope he doesn't sport a real one when he's old enough.
Although I may be out of luck because he sure does love
his grandpa Fred and his moustache and he's definitely
got the gap toothed grin to match Fred's:)

excuse me...

Convo with Will (several times a day)
Will: "I toot (with a big grin)"
mom: "sure did, what do you say when you toot?"
Will: "esss-cuze my pants!!!"
I guess he's right but where do they learn this stuff?