Wednesday, February 24, 2010

you might be a stubborn kid if you..

tease your parents with 2 poops in the potty
and then absolutely refuse to go again
and then hold it for days
until your mom orders bran muffins for you
so you can't hold it anymore.
but you are sick of hearing it from them
so you go to bed like normal
and poop in your pants
like normal
and then instead of demanding to be cleaned up
so you could get out of bed
like you did every single night in diapers
because you really hate having poopy pants
you decided you didn't want to hear it from your parents
mostly your mom
so you went in your pants
took off your underwear yourself
deposited them and the poop
on the floor by your bed
put your pants back on
and went to sleep.
you might just be stubborn IF you did that.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

signs of summer

can't wait until it's in full swing!

Dear mr. yearbook editor c/o 2025

How I dream of sending these in for the senior section...

Monday, February 22, 2010

it's fashion week somewhere...

but clearly it's not at our house.
This is how he came out after taking himself to the bathroom.
We've got some work to do.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family.
Her name is Rhonda and she made all of our
manly man's dreams come true
when she came home from the store with us today.
She and the stroller were Will's reward for pooping in the potty.
Whoo hoo!
Chris helped name her.
Will's quite the mother as proven by these little snippets:
"mom, rhonda needs a haircut...she's getting a wittle fuzzy"
(she looks pretty bald to me)
after dropping her on her head repeatedly on the sidewalk
me: "Will, stop dropping your baby on her head. It's not nice."
will: "rhonda...that will hurt you in your head.
You have to be careful."
me: "Will, how's Rhonda after your nap?"
will: "she's not feelin better...she got a little fussy at the
coffee shop and she got an owie."
(I may need to call and make a report to CPS)

our sweet cat

Bristow, our fluffy orange and white cat
went to kitty heaven this week.
He slept on the couch with Chris and I Monday
night and never came home after that.
Our neighbor found him curled up peacefully in his yard.
He was our first baby.
He would meow from his cat door through the house until
he found us (too often in the middle of the night).
He loved climbing into bed with us and sitting on Chris'
chest while clawing at the blanket.
He made Chris extremely uncomfortable just about every
night in the winter sleeping between his feet.
If you didn't pet on demand he would shove his wet nose
in your face and purr until you did.
He brought in live birds regularly (which was disgusting).
He was smart enough to be scared of Will
but still slept in our living room just to be near the action.
He loved keeping his eyes on us from the bushes
while we played or worked in the yard.
His neurotic ways drove us crazy sometimes
but our nights will be too quiet without him and we will
miss his greeting everytime we pull up to the house.
I hope there is an abundance of warm blankets, wet
food and pets in kitty heaven for you, titten.
Our little family will miss you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hasta la vista

goodbye 1950's fireplace.
we won't miss you.
stay tuned for the after.

breakfast face

"mom, char-yee spilled the oatmeal on he."
Charlie did that, huh...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


valentine's payback

When I was a kid I cried every Valentine's day
when my mom made me make my Valentines
with doilies and red construction paper
instead of buying the cool ones at the store.
You know what they say about payback...
He thought it was pretty fun and I think they're pretty cute.
We'll see what he thinks a few years from now.
Charlie helped by cleaning up the leftover paper
His conversation on the way home from school
(while he was looking through his bag of cards
and eating his conversation hearts)
Will: "Char...these tandies are a yittle bit fi-sthy (spicy)
They are not for you cause they're too fi-sthy,
they're only for big boys and daddies.
These tandies are medicine for makin' big kids happy...
but not for me tause I'm too busy."
(and for the record, he came home with a big white paper heart
with his red painted handprints on it, front and center)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1-800-orthodonist's dream

I pledge allegiance...

Will started preschool this week.

The first day:
These were the best pics I could get since
he was yelling at me
"don't do my picture!!"
No tears were shed when I left him.
When I picked him up he said
"school was GREAT!!"

No tears when I dropped him off.
When I picked him up the teacher said:
"he got pretty sad today...
we were making Valentine's Day gifts for parents
and he didn't want to have his hand painted.
He was pretty upset about that and then
did not want to help clean up.
Does he help clean up at home?
When I asked him if he had to help clean
up at home he said no.
Have you ever painted his hands at home?"
I told her yes to both and then slithered my
pathetic, delinquent raising bum out the backdoor
so none of the other mom's would see me.

Looking for a peaceful afternoon?

Don't come to my house...