Sunday, November 21, 2010



token snow shots.

checkin out the scene

and the wimps who wouldn't brave the weather.

yes i know his enormous dragon hat is a bit much
but it's the only one I could get him to say he'd wear.
thank you "How to Train a Dragon."
i'm just going to be happy there is something on his head.
this dude loved the snow.
and did not love coming inside.

Will's best day.

Of course it involved Henny.
Hen came over to play for the afternoon
and Will was in paradise.
I was kinda there too.
A whole afternoon of crazy playing
and complete happiness
at my house.
normally an afternoon stuck inside
would drive me bonkers
but they had so. much. fun.
we made foam reindeers,
colored, cut, drew pictures, wrestled,
ran, shot hoops, woke char up and laughed.
and when liz came back I hoped she would
let him stay.
or at least come back next week.
we love you henny mcd.
bring your sister next time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a Mariner and a golfer

These are the best and only pics I got (dead battery).
Halloween was great this year.
We stayed home which we've never done.
It must be his age but Will either has no idea that
more houses visited = more candy
or he just doesn't care.
He was excited to go and collect candy
but when we said we were done he could have cared less.
He has also been sleeping with his candy next to his head
and has not asked for or eaten even one piece since Sunday.
The kid is weird.
He even took a bag to school to share with his friends.
I never would have willingly shared my candy with anyone.
And Chris and I both would have stayed up all night
devouring that basket when we were kids.
Come to think of it,
we have devoured a bucket of candy since Sunday.