Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 at the park

We went to a new park on Saturday and loved it!
Then Charlie decided it was time to leave.
His tantrum was swiftly followed by a Will tantrum.
2 kids screaming like crazy people is definitely
less fun than just one.
Maybe if we keep going back and leaving the same way
it will scare the riff-raff away and we can continue to
have the place all to ourselves.

"Mama, I dough'in to dolf..."

All packed up and ready to go to the golf course.
Love that he's added another murse to his repertoire.
Not sure that the digger PJ's and rainboots
will fly at the country club, however.

music to a mother's ears?

"Mama, I dough'in to det my toys for Char-Char..."
"Mama, I sharin' my toys wif Char-Char..."
Yeah, I guess you are. He looks thrilled.
"This can't really be my life, right?"
"Mom, seriously...are you really letting this happen to me?"
I can't say that I will ever tell my 2 year old to stop sharin' his toys.
Charlie just stared at me with this look in his eyes.
The humiliation of being a 2nd child.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

i dough'in to work...

Rockin' the man purse a lot lately
on his way to "work."
Even added the shoes last night on his way
out the door for his big important job.
He packed his murse with 3 diggers, a pen, a hair band
and my planner which he informs me that "this is mine"
every chance he gets.


10 lbs 4 oz at the doctor's office today.
Love having a baby covered in chub.

you've got to be joking...

This baby's mama is the happiest person
on the earth
after getting him out!
Can't say I wish that on my worst enemy...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charlie fix

get used to these

I know I'm biased but come on...
just can't get enough of these two.
Will has been the best big bro.
He is nothing but sweet to
Char-yee and is always checking in with him.
Today's big question was "what he sayin' mama?"
anytime Char-yee made a peep.

do the puyallup

We hit up the Puyallup Fair last week with the McDougall clan.
We ate corn dogs, meat donuts (piroshkys) and elephant ears,
rode rides (loved the cars, hated the roller coaster),
met the animals at the petting
zoo, threw temper tantrums, broke in the new stroller and
enjoyed a lot of good people watching.
Chris described it best...there was a lot of hairspray and
a lot of muffin tops.
The south end at its best.
An extra thanks to the McD's for tolerating our family
during this transition time.
Will isn't into sharing or not getting his way right now
and because they are nice enough to hang out with us
they are experiencing a lot of his wrath.
We love and appreciate them for it.
We'll hopefully be back to "normal" soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

he's not going to be de-throned

He is determined to not be de-throned by his baby bro.
This is where Chris found him while we were eating
lunch and he was supposed to be sitting at the table.
He is on top of his fairly flimsy wooden garage and I have
absolutely no idea how it did not collapse under him
or how he managed to balance on the table before sitting.


Charlie's Noni (Chris' mom)
made him this unbelievable quilt for his wall.
Is it not ridiculously cute?

make a wish

he's all a glow

Our bronze little dude
(seen here lovin on his auntie Rachel)
(check out those sclera, nursing friends:)
Went to see the doctor yesterday
and with a bili of 18.3

ended up glowing away at home.
Not fun because I have to limit my snuggle time
but so happy we're not at the hospital.
It's down to 15 today and hopefully
the lights will be out of our house by tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Will's position of choice for "holding" the baby.
mom: "Will, can you please smile for me?"
Will: "Char-yee, say cheeeese!"
Four generations of Torrone.
It's back to reality at the Torrone house today.
Chris is back to work and the boys and I :) are on our own.
We had a fun, low key weekend and are looking forward
to the next one!
Will is acting out a bit...
there are alot of "I dooooon' waaaaaan to's"
and belly flops on the ground.
Although frustrating it is hard to stay mad when he
is so so sweet to the baby.
I think it will be good for him to get back into his routine.
Charlie loves to eat and had his 1st dr. visit this morning.
I am waiting for the results of the bili level they drew.
He is pretty dang yellow today.
He hardly ever cries and wakes me up at night by
making little grunty, piglet snorts.
Nothing better than that even at 3 am.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

party's at our house

We've been busy...

learning to play the harmonica
and playing and playing and playing...
(Thanks, Jordan and Lisa. We'll be sending him to
your house soon to practice for his recital)

bringing Char-yee home
not wanting Char-yee to be too close
to thinking it's ok as long as a game is involved
such as find the hidden hand...
and finally whispering all of the family secrets to the little guy

giving first baths and taking more embarrassing pics
(he'd like you to know that second chin is just the angle of the camera)

watching the dawgs win their first game

snoozing the day away while Will runs crazy circles
around the house and makes an insane amount of noise
hanging out with family and friends
and falling head over heels for our new little family member.
Will has really been great.
He's hyper and tired and clingy to mom but
I think that is to be expected.
He is much happier about the situation now that
we are out of the hospital.
He was gone when we got home from the hospital and
when I went outside to meet him when he got dropped off
the first thing he said was "where's Char-yee?"
(with a huge grin on his face)
He came in, got right in Charlie's face and said
"Char-yee to yittle to hit da chub?"
(charlie to little to hit the golf club?)
He has been nothing but sweet and attentive to him.
So thankful for that.
Charlie has been very easy so far.
He is a great eater and has several sweet,
wide awake periods a day.
He made his first trip to starbucks this morning for a scone,
spent the day sleeping in the sun for his jaundice
and gets cuter by the minute.
Chris has been the very best...
really taking care of me and
just knowing all the right things to do.
I feel so content and happy.
Loving our new crazy little life.