Thursday, August 11, 2011

how NOT to woo a girl, part 3

"MOM! Wook at dis! Wook at dis, mom!"

Brooke...I think this should become a regular post topic.
Rico Suave doesn't live at our house, either.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm in.

I think I might be a camper.
Besides the packing up and putting away gear when you get home.
If someone would just do that for me I'd go a couple times a month.
I don't want to do anything crazy like hike into the campsite.
Or do my business in the woods.
But I like being kind of dirty.
I like throwing together meals with friends.
I like my kids to pass out exhausted after a long, perfect, no nap day.
I like stinking like a campfire.
I like waking up with Charlie grinning at me from 2 feet away.
I like being on vacation without spending a lot of money.
I kind of like sleeping on my air mattress.
I really like getting to know my friends and their kids better.
"We" (Fynn's dad) played fetch with the dog (and the kids).
and Hads coated themselves in sand.
And thought it was so funny.

Hads, the jumping bean
(this might have been as high as she got off that ball
but she thought she was high five-ing clouds.)
Niamh's supermodel pose.
I could just sit in a room with him all day.
that face.
the nicest, most chill kiddo
with an "I love mommy" handmade sign on his helmet
that he wore for an hour on the beach before
remembering he still had it on.

Don't know how I missed Fynn
but he and Will had a blast together!
Thanks for letting us invite ourselves on your adventure, girls.
We loved it!