Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

they're always watching

nice outfit, dad.
you should probably be wearing something
cooler than a tank top/b-ball jersey to weed-wack
when you've got such a captive audience.
they sat there the entire time he was outside.

party #1 and party #2

we kicked off the birthday week by celebrating
at aunt iris' with grandma torrone
and the rest of the torrone clan.
we pigged out on donuts, chocolate zucchini bread
and delicious mini ham and cheese quiche.
on the big day we went to grandpa t and grandma steffi's
for pizza and banana cream pie.
the dudes then had a total blast
playing outside with Katie and Mike.
and char passed out before we made it out of the driveway.

da bus

we rode the bus to the farmer's market on thursday
it's amazing how a kid's little piece of heaven
can at the exact same time be a mom's nightmare.
it ended with me sweating from haulin' it to the bus stop
30 seconds before the bus was supposed to be there
because i forgot i had to ride the freaking bus
only to be yelled at first by the driver of the bus before
ours because i didn't wave him by when he pulled up
(isn't stopping at bus stops their job?)
and second by the driver of our bus
because I left my youngest birthday boy
in the stroller, apparently breaking
ALL new safety guidelines.
you'd think they'd have a clueless bus rider radar.

potty talk

inside the open bathroom at costco yesterday
(with all the cute old ladies lining up
their "little snack" carts outside)
insert screaming.
will: "no, mooooom (slam stall door)
I don't wanna dough in dis one!!!"
me: what?
will: (looking around like he's trying to find something)
"i wanna dough tinkle in da big kind!!!!"
me: what???
will: "i wanna dough in da man's room!"
apparently he recently learned the way of the urinal.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

char's a star.

to my sweet chubby char.
you're one today.
hard to believe.
before you were born, we worried a little bit
about raining on your brother's parade.
he liked his parade and didn't seem like the type
that was particularly great at sharing the spotlight.
but, as you've done with all of us,
you lit up his life.
he A-D-O-R-E-S you.
you guys love to:
play with balls, body slam each other,
walk around holding hands
(he really just drags you since you're still a bit slower),
play in the bath, chase each other on the couch,
really get going in the morning only after the other is awake,
wrestle, throw fits at the same time when we're running
errands so we "have" to leave, dig in the dirt,
play in the pool, snuggle on the couch under a blankie,
build forts, play together in your crib,
"work" with tools, share your juice, cookies, etc.,
and laugh like hyenas.
watching the two of you together is my greatest joy.
your dad and I are also pretty pumped about the kid you are.
we love that big goofy grin.
we love that you arch and scream when getting
into the carseat but are really easy to distract.
we love that you eat like a torrone.
we don't love the scream fest that ensues between 5pm
and dinner but can appreciate that you know what you
want and it is to be us. now.
we love that you sleep through the night and
go to bed without a fight.
we don't love that you are not a great napper.
we love when you say "uh, oh", mama, da da da,
or "ffffff" and point at the fish.
we love that you point. and grunt for things.
we love the complete and utter joy in your eyes when
you smile at people.
you make their day.
we love how thrilled you are when we let you get out
and walk at the store.
we don't love that your favorite food is rocks.
you have probably consumed 3000 this summer alone.
we kinda love that you're obsessed with the toilet.
we love your chubby thighs and waxy ears and rat tail hair
and big head and buddha belly and big blue/grey/green? eyes.
we love that you DID NOT MOVE for 9 months
and then walked at 11.
we love that you like to read before bed.
we love that you love being outside.
it's where you'd be all day if you could choose.
you aren't allowed that choice because you eat rocks. a lot.
we love when you're brother literally throws you up onto
the couch and you think it's the bee's knees.
we love that you're starting to use a fork and spoon.
we love that when ready, you'd die for a bottle and binky.
we love that we get to be your parents!
how lucky are we?
Happy Happy Day sweet Char Char!
xoxo, mama, da da da and yo, big bro!