Sunday, January 24, 2010

shoot me, melt me

We've been missing because we have been in behavior
boot camp at our house.
Chris and I took Charlie to Palm Springs with
the Swansons 2 weekends ago.
Will stayed with his grandparents.
We had a great time.
He had a great time.
When we returned it was like he had been
raised by a pack of wild animals. Really.
There was a tantrum at least every hour.
Countless time-outs.
Hitting, kicking, flailing, screaming, smart-mouthing, etc.
He made us regret going really quickly.
Not really...but I did say to Chris after
he got home from work the 1st day
(with tears in my eyes)
"It wasn't worth it."
I finally feel like we are back to baseline.
He can still be pretty naughty but he turned
to a crying Charlie in the car today and said
"don't cry's ok because i love you.
don't worry, I not going to hit you or kick you...
mom, I think he is hungry...
can I use these nipples for him (pointing to his chest)"

happy dappy dude.

you are nothing but a delight.
I've never known a baby who smiled so freely.
Everyday I hear some stranger talking to you
or see them smiling at you or telling me you
made their day because they looked up
and you were grinning from ear to ear at them.
All we have to do to earn a smile or giggle is be close
enough for you to see us.
We turn around and those big eyes and long eyelashes
are turned up in happiness and you've got a huge
wide open-mouthed grin waiting for us.
I hope you feel such carefree happiness your whole life.

the taste of toes

Char found some new (attached) friends today.
Love watching him discover his world.