Thursday, July 30, 2009

The prettiest gigantic thing I ever did see...

Before yesterday this was my only break from the heat.
It may look big in the picture but it is about 10 in. in diameter.
I sat my bum on the couch and sweat bullets
while it blew hot air back at me.
But I'm not complaining because it was better than nothing.

We went looking for an A/C Tuesday night with no luck.
Chris has dreamed of owning one for years.
He'd use it in the dead of winter if I'd let him.
But, no one even had sympathy for the large pregnant lady.
They just rolled their eyes (since I was the 3,000th person
to ask them for one that hour) and told me no.

And then Chris came walking up the sidewalk with

this gigantic beauty yesterday afternoon.

His friend Mike Shipley (my hero...)

let him borrow it because he thought I needed it

more than he did.

Uhhh...nicest man ever?

When I say I cried last night because I was so so happy

I am not exaggerating at all. I cried real tears.

(And the tears weren't because we had to use duct tape

and cardboard from diaper boxes in our front window

to get the beauty to work.)

Mr. Shipley is officially my favorite person on the face of the earth.

Chris is pretty great, too for driving all over western wa. to pick it up.

If you need to find me today, I'll be in my room...

with cold air blowing full blast at me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A first time for everything...

This is his first time sharing with Charlie...
while screaming "Char-yee! Dit out da button!!"
(sorry for the upside down belly shot:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

who's kid is that?

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Yes, that is our kid "runnin da bases."

No, that is not our front yard

or our kid running around in his diaper

way past a normal 2 year olds bedtime

in our front yard

where all the neighbors can watch.

We're way too classy for that.

treasure hunting?

We're having a yard sale tomorrow and Sunday.
Anyone need new ski boots or a sweet helmet?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

pooper scooper

So we're sitting at the McDougall's on the 4th.
The poop scoop at their house is a shovel.
Will and Henry demand cleanup each time they play outside.
Will is playing in a tin bucket filled with disgusting water.
He is naked.
Without anyone noticing he leans his bum over the
edge of the bucket and poops on the lawn.
Luckily I am close so he SCREAMS,
"Mama! Dough dit da shovel!!"
Classy, kiddo.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We spent the 4th at the McDougalls' with Britty,
Hunter and both of their parents who were here from
Vancouver and Chicago.
Lots of great fun and food.
It was a really long day but the fireworks
were worth the wait esp. for Will and Henry.
the gang in our usual spot
So happy and delirious that they are still
awake 2 hours past their bedtime
Lovin' Jack's sparklers
stunned by the fireworks.
I think our view was better than ever this year.
I'm not usually impressed by the whole scene
but this year was really great.
Will was out cold before we made it to the end of the block
and this morning reported that the fireworks were
"BIIIIG and, and, and LOUD!!!"

so hot...

Kids are always irresistable in PJ's but I can't help
but want to smooch his bruised little shins, toes, belly button,
elbows and gap toothed mouth in these summer jams.
He's LOVIN' the big boy bed these days!!

i dit my mitt...

We hit up the Tacoma Raniers game on
Thursday night and we have a big fan
on our hands.
He sat quietly for an hour or so and enjoyed
his dollar hotdog but soon realized the chaos
he could cause by playing chase in the aisles,
jumping the cement stairs 2 or 3 at a time
and almost choking to death on a h2o bottle cap.

These boots were made for walkin'

It may be 90 degrees out but why not bust
out the new rainboots?
He just had to wear them.
I've said it before but he is weird about shoes
and these cool new boots were no exception.
He walked for about 3 minutes before
freaking out and kicking them off in the middle
of the parking lot screaming to go "bared foot".
I tried to teach him no shirt, no shoes, no service
but he wasn't interested.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

thanks, dude.

Conversation with Will
(while we're walking Chamber's Bay last night)
I'm carrying him after we got to the top...
Chris: "Will, let me carry you...mommy's pregnant
and shouldn't be carrying all that weight."
Will: "Yeah!! Mommy way too biiig!!!"