Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my tiny little baby

In my mind he is tiny.
And loves to snug his mama.
And eats everything I give him.
And smiles happily at everyone.
And quietly listens while I read to him.
And only has 4 teeth.

But in reality he tells me "NNNNoo" 3 thousand times a day.
And hits. (with the look of the devil on his face)
And screams.
And sword fights with his brother.
And runs away when I tell him to come.
And tries to ride his bike.
And knows to say "chees" when the camera comes out.
And demands to be "uuuuuup" all day.
And says 3 word sentences like "up pees daddy!"
And tells me anything he doesn't want is "HOT."
While putting up his stop hand.
broccoli? "hot"
change your poop? "hot"
hop in your stroller? "no! hot"

But we still love his booger-y little face.

put them boys to work.

This view does not get old.
Will is so serious.
And believes he is mowing.
And wishes his mower needed to be emptied like his dad's.
And has done this every time Chris has mowed
this spring extra long winter.


SUN-day we met my family at Chamber's Bay park for a picnic.
Might be my new favorite reason I love living in Tacoma.