Thursday, September 29, 2011

when they said "it's a boy" i did not expect this...

at least not at 4.
this dude is obsessed with what he wears.
i've said it a million times but he worships his BLUE jeans.
he's moved on to specifically "skinny" blue jeans.
getting dresses is a disaster every. single. day.
unless his skinny blue jeans are clean.
we've also been having a hard time with consequences for bad behavior.
he doesn't seem to care anymore about things being taken away.
or thrown away (which has worked like magic for us in the past).
UNTIL my genius hubby thought of throwing away his skinny jeans.
now i'm not crazy enough to actually throw any of them away
but they are currently in "time out" until school on monday.
(see below :)
he may never get to wear them again...

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McDougall said...

This is funny stuff. Love his pose.