Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

 the patch.

 the ragamuffins and their miniature masterpieces
 bang! pow! crash!
 the dynamic duo!
and our little hallo-weenie
 "I skirred mommy, I skirred!!"
and a little chocolate,
saved for a midnight snack.

and for the record char was "robin, wit a bat-man mask"
because he wasn't allowed to also be batman.
a small identity crisis never hurt anyone.


fiona westover said...

Its Dec. 1. Time to get something new up here.
Peace out.

fiona westover said...


Betsy Skevington said...

I'm with Fiona, Mio. Time to get crackin' and update this blog! I'll watch the princes for you!
xox Mom

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fiona westover said...

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